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Metal Pole Barns

Metal Pole Barns are the solution if your business is expanding or just starting. Watford Steel Buildings has a solution for your pole barn or any of your metal building needs. We'll build the exterior only or we can contract to do the whole job. Our Design team will assist you with planning from start to finish and you only have to work with one company.

Whether your Metal Pole Barn is needed to store big tractors, combines or implements, you may need high ceilings, big doors and lots of clear-span space. Maybe you need simple storage? A machine shop, a working office area or a combination of all of these? Watford Steel Buildings knows how to engineer a high-quality and attractive building for years of worry-free protection from the elements. Call us to learn more about Watford Steel Buildings and let us help design you one of the industry's finest metal pole barns.

For today‚Äôs ranchers and farmers, an agricultural building is no longer just a barn. A custom designed Metal Pole Barn can be the long-term solution for your equipment storage shed, a warehouse, a milking parlor, a free stall barn or a busy workshop. No other building company knows how to build it better for all your needs. 

Metal Pole Barns are custom designed to fit your exact needs. With thousands of options available, Watford Steel Buildings can design the perfect building type for any project, big or small. Let our expert Design Consultants answer your questions today! Click Here or call (800) 844-9404 to schedule a no obligation consultation with our industry experts.

Metal Pole Barns